4 Uncommon best Waxing Tips

Want to have the best experience waxing in Ottawa?  We have brought together the top 4 waxing in Ottawa tips for those who want to have a better experience.  Keep reading to find out how to make your waxing better!


Do Not Pick Up The Razor

Picking up a razor between waxing appointments means that your hair will be shortened past the point where wax can get a solid grip on the hair.  If your hair isn’t long enough, many hairs will be missed.  No matter how tempted you are to shave between appointments, hold off.  If you go to enough waxing appointments, your hair growth will also be reduced.

Manage Your Pain Properly

Properly managing your pain can make the difference between waxing being enjoyable and waxing being the worst experience you have had.  First off, do not drink before your appointment.  A lot of people believe that a drink or two will kill the pain.  Instead, alcohol causes your pores to close and the waxing to hurt more.

Instead, use Ibuprofen to manage the pain.  One or two a little bit before the appointment will help to manage the post-pull pain.

Knowing What To Expect

Reading about the waxing process, what to do, and how to care for your skin after is one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal.  Knowing what to expect can help to reduce anxiety and cause there to be little to no pain.  It also helps you to prevent common mistakes such as drinking caffeine or alcohol before the appointment or exfoliation.  Keep reading for a better experience.

Care For The Waxing After

Give your skin two to three days before you exfoliate the area that you waxed.  Immediate exfoliation can cause irritation in the skin.  Also, apply lotion/moisturizer on your skin regularly after the appointment.  This helps to keep your skin feeling fresh.  You should continue to shower and bathe regularly too.  There will be no harm caused by just water and body wash.

Lastly, don’t forget to schedule your next waxing so that you don’t forget!