Top 3 For Sale and Open House Tips

When it comes to making a sale, you can always use the best tips out there.  Even market leaders know that a tip can help them learn something new to improve their sales.  We have found three of the top for sale and open house tips.  These have been handpicked from the top real estate resources available.  Keep reading to better your sales stats.

Offer Free Food

Offering free food is one of the best ways to get people in an open house to spend that extra few minutes that you need to pitch to them.  Very few people will resist an offer of free food.  Try to bake cookies or other sweets.  Researching what is popular in the area can help you to attract the right buyers.

Using food can go beyond just offering snacks at an open house.  Gathering people from the neighborhood for drinks or food can help to show the house and attract extra attention from potential buyers.  Even if one of the people at the get-together doesn’t end up being a buyer, they will spread the word and more people will find out.

Track Your Efforts

You should develop methods for tracking your efforts.  The only way that you can determine whether or not different strategies work or not, is to track them.  For example, there are a variety of ways to track leads.  You can make specific URLs for people who click links so you can see how they get to your website.

You can ask people how they ended up at your open house, or how they came to see your house for sale.

All of this information can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns.  Targeted campaigns can help you get to a specific demographic that is prevalent in your areas of business and increase your sales.  But most importantly, tracking your efforts and targeting ones that work prevent you from wasting time and money on efforts that aren\’t bearing any fruit.


Optimize the Placement of Open House Signs

A lot of new realtors and ones that haven’t looked into it, tend to place RSI open house signs wherever.  Proper placement of your signs can bring in more foot traffic and increase the chances that you will make a sale.

  • Directional Signs
    • The best kind of open house sign that you can use is a directional sign. It is clear and easy for people to use and it gets them to where they are going.  Place these so that it is clear where the person is going.
  • Make Signs Visible
    • Most non-neighbor traffic that goes to an open house will be in a vehicle. Make sure that signage can be seen from a vehicle at about 25-30 feet away.  This may mean elevating it to get it above shrubberies.
  • Consider Multiple Sign Types
    • Consider implementing multiple sign types so that you can catch people on busy intersections with larger signs. Larger signs at intersections tend to draw more attention.
  • 5 Blocks Away
    • You want to make sure that your real estate open house signs cover about a 5 block radius from your listing. That way people can find your open house no matter what direction they approach from.
  • Target Major Intersections
    • Major intersections will provide you with a lot of traffic. Even if an intersection is slightly out of the five-block radius it could be beneficial to post a sign.  Not everyone will be turning down side streets to see the other signs unless they have the motivation to do so.
  • Place With Flow of Traffic
    • Placing signage with the flow of traffic is important. Someone is less likely to notice a sign if it is across the street and past the vehicles moving in the other direction.  Attempt to optimize your sign placement accordingly.

The real estate industry is full of tips and tricks that you can learn over the years.  We could only cover a few in one article but there is plenty of more content on our blog.  Keep reading and educating yourself about the industry.  Education leads to big steps but doesn’t forget to implement those tips too.

Let us know if you have any tips of your own in the comments down below!